yo mama... is delicious!

this summer, a little frozen yogurt shop opened up in wauwatosa right off of state st. i was so excited when we first tried yo mama out; they had an adorable shop, awesome frozen yogurt, a ton of topping options and great prices! i'm so used to the $7 a cup prices of north florida that i was hooked after only paying around $2.50 a cup at yo mama.

my go-to froyo flavor is generally vanilla (i like to live dangerously). at yo mama however, i always have to get the cake batter. 

pictured above is a combination of strawberry, cake batter and white chocolate macadamia (an impulse flavor im not sure im a fan of...). i topped it off with toasted coconut, kiwi, strawberries and strawberry boba balls. in all honesty, the boba balls will keep me coming back to yo mama all on their own. they're these little fruit flavor juice filled balls that explode in your mouth, they're so strange but so good! if anything, visit yo mama for the boba balls... but be prepared to wait in line, yo mama really knows how to keep their customers coming back.


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