daisy cafe in madison...

daisy cafe and cupcakery has been one of my favorites since they opened in may of 2009. it's what i like to call a 'mismatched cafe', meaning the walls are covered in random art, the furniture looks like its been purchased at antique stores and garage sales and the wait staff all have tattoos and piercings. i love these kind of places, it just feels like your having lunch in a 1960's cooperative or in your eccentric great aunts living room.

the grilled chicken sandwich with carmelized onion chutney and chevre cheese on rosemary bread... amazing. everyone at the table had to have a bite and they couldn't stop raving about it. the sharpness of the chevre cheese, although a strange idea, balanced the flavor of the carmelized onion chutney perfectly. i would definitely recommend this option to anyone that loves chevre cheese. don't love chevre cheese? i would probablyyyy stay away from this one then because the flavor of chevre is rather intense to the unsuspecting or unapproving taste buds.


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