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as we all know, i have what most would call a 'cupcake addiction'. i love anything and everything cupcakes... there's just something wonderful about having a tiny little cake that is all yours, completely uninterupted by a knife or fork. my favorite cupcake flavor is and will always be lemon, but i try to stay outside of my box when it comes to a cupcakery with unique flavor combinations such as the one i visited today.

i was there when daisy cafe and cupcakery opened a few years back and the first cupcake flavor i tried was a jasmine mango combination. it was amazing and im not sure why because it tasted a bit like perfume, but i think the fact that i could smell each and every bite made it my absolute favorite cupcake experience. sadly, daisy did not have that flavor today, but we did decide to try out the white chocolate raspberry and the chocolate malt.
i chose the white chocolate raspberry because to be honest, it was put together so adorably. the combination of raspberry and white chocolate is so typical to me, so the flavor combination had nothing to do with my decision making, but i was blown away! it was so good, and it had a jelly center which was definitely a surprise!

my sister chose the chocolate malt. i'm not a big fan of chocolate so i would have never picked that on my own, but she loved it. it had a vanilla buttercream frosting with a hidden layer of malt frosting on a chocolate cake. it was undeniably an adorable presentation with a straw and malted milk ball on top.


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